The Hunt

Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever (Photo credit: rkleine)

Why must a poem desire to be
Like a retriever standing in the field,
A front paw lifted gracefully
Exposing tufts of fur upon
A tender underside-
And for a moment
His body stands unmoving
In forward motion,
Nose pointed toward something out there
But we don’t know what,
Only that in this stillness before dusk
His soft golden fur glistens.

©T.L. Olivia 2012


8 thoughts on “The Hunt

  1. all your beautiful poems/tributes to your precious companion are touching indeed. Your love and appreciation for him is so obvious in your words and the pictures they portray.

  2. Thank you. He is my very best friend and companion. And he has become even more loving since my condition has progressed, almost as though he understands. That may sound silly but it’s how it seems.

    I love your blog 🙂


    1. Yes, sorry, I have comment moderation turned on; comments won’t post until they’re approved.

      Beautiful dog in your photo. 🙂

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