A Blade of Grass

Blade grass
Blade grass (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

so green
it reminds me-

childhood summers

knees so green
from playing in the yard

sticky fingers
from the ice cream cone

that melted too fast.

I wish I was
a botanist who could

slice the blade open

examine it under
a microscope

just to see how deep
the green goes. Then

I would save the greenest
parts in a bottle

and when I am old

smear some on my knees
before they give me

that final ice cream cone.
Three scoops please

this one has to last.

©T.L. Olivia 2012


12 thoughts on “A Blade of Grass

  1. The little things in life are often the most important, but only people who look see their awesomeness. Thanks for sharing your beautiful words … and for liking my post about Pepper.

  2. “just to see how deep
    the green goes” – Love it. If you find out, let me know.
    (I’ll be the other elderly person with green knees.) ~Regards, Dan

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